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Our Mission

The best way to build a product is to "Scratch Your Own Itch". We've been through thousands of compliance packages and mapped out all the frameworks. For years, we believed in a "New Path" for Compliance.

Via Nova is latin for "New Path"

Our Story

Our founders led the security and compliance team for a large CRM company. It was acquired my Microsoft. 

Microsoft took that product to 80 countries and across dozens of verticals. We needed to take that system across every regulatory framework you can imagine. 

7 years later, we did that for 100s of companies, across a wide arrange of markets, industries, geographic zones and level of complexity. 

We knew we had that Intellectual Property to change the space. We teamed up with Behavior Design and Product Experts that were trained by the brightest minds from the Stanford Behavior Design Lab and Vianova Security was born. Our tech team have won both Innovator of the Year and Social Impact Awards from ICK in 2019 and 2020.

Our team consists of Security, Privacy, Compliance, Product, AI, Machine Learning experts that worked on a wide variety of systems from Department of Defense, Civilian Agencies, Big Tech and large Hospital Systems and 

Experienced Leadership

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